What is phototherapy?

Phototherapy is a medical treatment for a few common skin conditions and is by using lamps that emit Narrow Band Ultraviolet B therapy (NBUVB). The machines we use deliver a safe and effective treatment for your condition but our Dermatologist will determine if this treatment is safe for you during your consultation. We have three top of the range Daavlin phototherapy unit for full body treatment, a separate machine for the hands and feet and a small handheld unit for any localised or scalp treatment.

What conditions are treated by phototherapy?

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Pityriasis rosea
  • Vitiligo
  • In some patients post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and itchy skin.

What can I expect when I come in for a full body light treatment?

The treatment involves undressing to the underwear and standing inside a specialised cabinet which is lined with medical grade UVB emitting light tubes, wearing protective eyewear. Treatments are generally quite short and may gradually build up to a few minutes during a treatment course. After a treatment our patients simply get dressed again and then return to work or home. Please note the googles are purchased for a nominal one-time fee from our clinic.

What is involved in the hand and foot machine?

You will need to wear protective eye googles (purchased from our clinic at a nominal one-time fee) and will require you to place your hands within a cabinet. It is ideal to wear sunscreen to protect areas of skin other than the treatment area.

Do you have a treatment for scalp psoriasis?

Yes we do in a form of a device called DermaPal – see this video for more information.

Do I need to book an appointment for light treatment?

Yes only for the first consultation with the dermatologists (even if you are being referred by your dermatologists) but as for the treatment, the light treatment is a walk in service.

Is there an out-of-pocket fee for NBUVB?

There is no gap fees for this service but will require an initial assessment by the dermatologist to see if you are suitable for this condition which is normally charged unless referred by another dermatologist.

How long does treatment with NBUVB take to improve my skin condition?

This is hard to say due to individual patient conditions and skin colour but most patients see an improvement between 6 to 8 weeks. In cases where the ideal response is not seen, our dermatologists can organise other treatments such as tablets and creams or injections to clear your skin.

What is our opening hours?

Our phototherapy facilities are available for sessions between 830am and 530pm Monday to Friday.

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